Hi Peder,

Since your visit this summer, there have been two big changes around our house. The first is our new "Smoke Shack" that you can see above (click on the pictures for a bigger view). We bought a smoker/barbecue that cooks with little pellets made of wood, and makes the food taste great. When you are home for Christmas, you can help me cook some ribs. I decided to pour a cement padio and then cover it and add lights. It is really fun at night when it's dark.

The second big change is Richard's house next door. He moved and the couple that bought it, tore it down and are building a two story house. The pictures below show the house when it was being torn down and with the first floor framed up. The last picture shows the improved view now that the big maple trees have been cut down. They were dying and needed to be removed, so our new neighbor cut them down.
I am really looking forward to seeing you at Christmas.

Love, Dad